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Changing Lives Through Enterprise

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For Prospective Authors:



We are interested in both fiction and non-fiction: all manuscripts will be read in-house and thereafter considered by one of our publisher’s readers. Once we have made the editorial decision to publish your work we will discuss terms with you. We specialise in printing short runs so that we don’t need to carry and store large amounts of stock. This also means that we can price your book competitively without over-printing. Most of our titles sell in the hundreds, but we have had several best sellers with sales in the thousands. Don’t expect to make a fortune, but then again you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can earn if you build up a readership!



We will rely on you to help us promote your book. Unlike large publishers we do not have a marketing department, so we will want to hear all your ideas about how you could help us to promote the book and get media coverage. For Highland writers there are advantages in being published locally as, between us, we will have a good understanding of the marketing opportunities available to local writers.



It would be helpful if you could forward a summary of your work with some reasons for why we might be interested in taking it on. If it is a novel, summarise the plot for us in a page. If it is poetry, tell us why you wrote the poems and why you think others might want to read them. If it is biography (or autobiography) or non-fiction, tell us why your subject might interest other readers. We are always looking for new titles to publish, so grab that manuscript and get in touch!


We Print and Publish Books

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