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38/40 Grant Street, Inverness, IV3 8BN


tel:  01463 237969 or 07717457247

Changing Lives Through Enterprise

38/40 Grant Street



Opening hours: 11am - 4pm (Mon-Fri)



Our Print Shop

A former heroin addict, Kevin Swanson, is our Print Shop Manager.

Kevin says:


"To me and a few others 'For The Right Reasons' (FTRR) has become family, friend and support and a way for me to help others. I have learnt a trade and been able to help a lot of people with their addiction. The charity has given me and others a feeling of belonging, self-worth and pride in what we do.


We owe this all to certain individuals, not everyone to the same person but we are all getting stronger and realising we are a part of the world and we matter.


I see the charity as a living, breathing being with its sole aim being to help the individual. The charity has moods like joy. You can see it and feel it when things go well, when people learn new skills and pass them on.


The charity is patient, kind, caring, trusting and willing to teach. Every volunteer brings something new to the charity, which helps it to grow and evolve. We are all part of it. The helped sometimes becomes the helper and the other way round but, whether helped or helper, we are all of the same importance. All are welcome and all are helping the charity to help others."


In order to provide work for our volunteers we need your help!


We can publish as well as print; books, leaflets, posters, business cards etc.


Please bring your work to us!

We can provide volunteering in our print shop with many different tasks from folding to book binding to IT to graphic design. We also provide volunteering opportunities in our charity shop in the fetching and sorting of goods as well as in an emerging gardening group.

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