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38/40 Grant Street, Inverness, IV3 8BN


tel:  01463 237969 or 07717457247

Changing Lives Through Enterprise

charity shop


Based at 38-40 Grant Street



Opening hours: 10am-4pm (Mon - Sat)



"I came along and the shop simply took over", she said. "I wanted something to keep me busy and take my mind off things and I quickly became absorbed and interested in all of it. I love having a wee blether to people when they come in. I grew up around here and know most of the locals. Sometimes, when people have something on their minds, I feel that I can be a real help just by listening."

The smiling face you first encounter when you walk into our Charity Shop belongs to Mary. Over the years she has become something of a fixture on Grant Street. Originally Mary's brother asked if she would help out when she found time on her hands after her husband died.


"The shop has filled a need in Grant Street and I think it's good that it opened here and not away in the town like all the others. I also love the fact that it is much cheaper than the bigger charity shops. Not all our regulars buy all the time. There is quite an excitement in just coming to have a browse and it is a good place to get the craik. I like giving. It makes me feel good about myself but I get far more back by volunteering than I give and I find I just want to be here every day - sometimes even Sundays!"