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38/40 Grant Street, Inverness, IV3 8BN


tel:  01463 237969 or 07717457247

Changing Lives Through Enterprise

Heroin doesn’t just kill people; it damages the whole community.  It grips with a false seduction and makes slaves of vulnerable people.



We are here to help, and to give hope!












What friends we have made amongst those brave people who have managed to quit! What a joy it is to see the colour back to pallid cheeks and to see young (and not so young) men and woman start to hope again. Hope is not just about the future, it is something that we live in, in the here and now! We live in hope that our friends will make it through the agony of quitting heroin, and return from that living death. It may be sensible to expect some to fail but, on this point, we will not be sensible. We will live always in hope.  


There are some so ill that they break our hearts because they need more help than we can give them. But there are also many others who can, with a little love, and a little community spirit, and a lot of encouragement, quit heroin or alcohol forever. These are our friends and our daily companions.


If you live in Inverness or the surrounding area and sincerely want to make a firm commitment to quitting heroin or alcohol, come and see us or ring us up and we will introduce you to our support group.  A growing number have quit long enough for us to turn mere hope into the certainty that heroin addiction and alcoholism can be conquered and that a life broken can be mended and even, in some cases, become more beautiful than it ever was before.